Product features for the stretch machine

Semi automatic granule bagging packing machine, the device can automatically measure, filling, tolerance alarm work, suitable for packaging of granular, powder and granular, easy crushing, extrusion puffing granular, strong moisture absorption and specific gravity of irregular change material. Such as weighing, washing powder, salt, sugar, MSG, rice seed, feed, Coffee, sesame and other daily food, condiments small granular, powdery materials.
A, technical parameters:
Metering mode
Weighing type (three 4.5L volume bucket measurement)
Weighing type (three 2L volume bucket measurement)
Feeding mode
Double vibration feeding, feeding
Single vibration feeding, feeding
Packing weight
Packaging accuracy
Less than 0.2%
Less than 0.2%
Packing speed
15-25 / min.
15-30 / min.
Power Supply
220V 50–60Hz
220V 50–60Hz
The feed box volume
The complete machine power
The volume of the whole machine
The weight of the whole machine
Two, product characteristics:
1, three independent weighing hopper: weighing and bags separately, fast working speed.
2, the feeder can be adjusted to achieve higher accuracy by themselves according to the proportion of the material in the work, the faster.
3, independent single weight sensor: work more stable, higher sensitivity.
4, the time can be set automatically memory current packing times shifts, easily pass the handover, and timely feedback the product qualified rate.
5, Chinese and English operation interface, with the operating time can be set, the operation more intuitive and convenient.
6, a calibration procedure with the weights can be conveniently calibrate, effectively solve the long time no weight drift.
7, organic glass door, effectively reduce the pollution of the workshop.
8, the stretch wrapping machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient to remove residue, weighing hopper with hook type can be directly disassembled for cleaning.
Product features:
1, adjust the product specifications without the need for tools, a variety of products to adjust the parameters of formula can be stored, backup.
2, the entire Chinese (English) display, touch screen clearly show the working state, operating instructions, easy to operate.
3, don’t stop can be adjusted directly sealing and cutting position, rectification, in touch screen sealing smooth, neat incision.
4, using intelligent temperature controller, temperature difference can be controlled within 3 DEG, with tooth type sealing device, the sealing more firmly.
5, the packaging function of many types of bags, such as: flat bag, three-dimensional bag and hand bag etc..
6, the closed structure, low noise, anti dust, especially for the dust packaging.
7, using spiral rotary filling machine head can increase the weighing function feedback tracking.

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