processing and packaging market

The slaughtering and meat processing and packaging machinery
Poultry and livestock slaughtering machinery, meat processing machinery, meat processing horizontal stretch wrapper machinery and refining depth is the development direction of packaging machinery. Especially large and medium city parity mall more need to sell these products packaging, packaging machinery available urgently. In recent years, city and countryside to develop breeding, slaughtering a dragon breeding, the urgent need to improve, in small poultry livestock slaughter and processing and packaging equipment, the purchase of new large slaughter equipment, development of branch part segmentation processing technology and equipment, packaging equipment, ham, sausage and other precise processing and packaging machinery, market prospect is also very broad.
(4) grain and edible oil deep processing and packaging market
The food on the market of small and medium-sized packaging is popular and in great demand. The development of suitable series horizontal stretch wrapper packaging equipment prospects in different materials, different state of packaging weight broad.
(5) the processing of fruit and vegetable fresh keeping technology and equipment
Is expected in the future, this kind of product market demand include: Vegetables fruit grading stretch wrapper technology and equipment, high efficiency extracting technique equipment, energy saving equipment, washing and concentration technology selected bagged fresh fruit and vegetable, frozen vegetables and dehydrated vegetables technical equipment, greatly reducing the processing machinery, fruit and vegetable, grain, meat, fish, eggs and other food raw materials loss, using air conditioning, technology and equipment of C10 radiation, etc. the utility model fluidized bed and storage technology equipment, the processing of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping transportation chain equipment, such as atmosphere temperature library equipment, refrigerated transport vehicle, refrigeration cabinet, refrigerator kitchen equipment series.
The future development of China’s food horizontal stretch wrapper machinery or master in many enterprise hands in favor of the government policy support, the enterprise only adhere to the practical direction, follow a long-term development of the road, I believe that in the near future, we can see the highlight of China food machinery!

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