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For the quantitative stretch wrapping machine and pallet packing machine, packaging scale is the key. We will appear error or big or small in practice, quantitative scale measurement accuracy error. It is divided into static error and dynamic error two phenomena. In the presence of measurement error when we first have to determine which are a kind of error phenomenon, so that we can accurately identify the root causes of failure, solve problems of fundamental. Below, we began to analyze the static error and dynamic error is how to produce, how to deal with:
A static error: static error numerical instrument display and the actual checking value to a. Through the re demarcation of proofreading and then can use normal measurement. The main causes are:
(1): sensor deformation due to sensor after long-term use, metal structure parts of its external appear normal mechanical fatigue phenomena to a certain extent, it will cause deformation, in the deformation process, the resistance change of fission resistance will affect the sensor, the sensor feedback MV this case number will be change, resulting in the original calibration values appear in the proportion calculation error caused by measurement error. At this time, as long as the re quantization calibration can solve problems.
(2) sensor damage: affected by external forces or voltage instability impact factors, damage, due to the special structure of the sensor, we do not have the conditions for on-site repair of sensor. This situation can only replace the sensor.
(3) sensor has angle difference: sensor generates angle difference will influence the balance of fission resistance sensor angle fission occurs angle offset and affect the normal feedback signal caused by static error. Such a situation as long as the re of metering mechanism for the overall level of proofreading, so that each of the sensor angle by pressure balance can solve the problem of fault.
(4) the instrument A/D converter fault, not normal acquisition sensor signal transmission. Under this circumstances, as long as the replacement of the new A/D conversion module can solve the problem.
After removing the instrument A/D conversion module and sensor fault can be determined, is due to external factors caused by static error. From the force balance of mechanism, whether the measuring barrel wall stick material, soft connection material sticking, negative air pressure and other reasons one by one investigation to solve.
Two. The dynamic error: measurement instrument in the complete measurement work after the display of the obtained value is not a value set to target measurement, re setting control parameters can continue after normal use. The main factors causing the dynamic error:
1, the control part:
Control parameter or the basic working parameters to control the setting of the instrument is not reasonable.
Control components in the received command signal whether the instrument output according to schedule the action reaction, whether it will be fast and slow to make the action reaction.
2, the implementation of components:
Cylinder or motor whether because of damaged or overloaded and influence its response speed, power and etc..
Mechanical execution part whetherwear or due to foreign object reader the reasons affecting the response speed. Such as joint bearings because of the lack of lubrication card or dust pollution, the transmission shaft handle due to mechanical fatigue bending deformation caused by etc..
Because no installation index reasonably produce connection error of each component installation will cause the running accuracy of execution unit card effects of movement speed or increase the mechanical fatigue wear parts and reduce the life of the assembly, the impact of the component should have ability to work, affecting the hair Hui should be working efficiency.
3, the material factors:
Whether working operation procedure control parameter or mechanical components are according to the nature of the materials and the set, by the proportion of the material, mobility, density measurement, weight and other characteristics play an important decision. So, the change of dynamic accuracy of different materials affect or big or small. It should according to different varieties of materials or different measurement target value for setting corresponding to the working class to the targeted control parameter and settings in the debugging process.

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