Pre-stretch rate of the stretch film

stretch hood film
stretch hood film

Portion of Stretch film on the Fill: Here is the ultimate Per cent of stretch calculated in the load. A mixture of the % of

prestretch and also the amount push-to-load (secondarytension and stretch, and so forth). REMEMBER, minus the correct force-toload,

the ultimate dimension could be lower than what you are anticipating.

Possible solutions to not having the anticipated % of stretch on the load :

You might not be getting a genuine reading. When you make a single tag around the roll of stretch film, the label could be put on the stress

too soon and before all the proper settings are reached. Do you have a “legend wheel”? A legend wheel will continue to tag the

film because it rotates allowing you to measure afterwards inside the routine making sure all options have been achieved.

Ensure that you have adequate force-to-fill to keep the % of prestretch after the film foliage the carriage.

Check the “film pressure hold off” environment. Change to and see if that changes the % of stretch on the load. This establishing delays

the force-to-fill for X number of turntable revolutions. If established too high (too many turntable revolutions) it is feasible

the essential force-to-weight to retain the % of prestretch will not be becoming placed on the marks that reach the load.

Possessing completed the aforementioned and you may not have the expected % of stretch on the load using the wanted film with the appropriate

level of push-to-fill for your application, consider transforming the sprocket ratio to some higher prestretch percentage.

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