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owever, it can be appealing to make use of this mechanism for transferring up-right moves from a single position to another. For this purpose each gripper of upender is provided by using a latch or swingmg end 36 which normally rests versus the experience of the gripper in an inoperative position. Every time preferred, even so, it could be swung in to a position at appropriate perspectives to the gripper, as displayed in Fig. 3, where it can rest on the uppr work surface of among the biceps and triceps. Once been placed in the position shown in this figure it will be held there by gravity this latch is mounted on the heavier side of the gripper so that when the gripper has. With this job plus it is desired to support the grippers in a different elevation, and that item 1s easily completed by offering a sequence 37 attached at one particular stop to,

The operations necessary to release, raise and transport the roll will likely be evident from your foregoing outline.

. ally assisting explained grippers,

stated moves, path for said grippers for transferring these to- Because of the mother nature from the causes exerted on the shaft 22, the bearing 24 was created to assistance this shaft the two towards “endwise thrust in addition to towards radial movement. If the upender will be suited for moves that differ significantly in size, it Wlll be appealing to modify the reduced reduce from the swinging motion of the forearms 6 and 7 which could conveniently be carried out by providing every arm with a cease screw, not demonstrated, arran ed to participate the nightclub 15.

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