Pipe and tube bundler

A–For Steel pipes/tube bundler

    tube packaging line        tube strapping machine steel tube packing machine
Steel pipe tube bundler

Automatic steel tube bundler for hexagon and square forming and handling . Fhopepack produce different series of bundler and packing lines based on the length

Steel tube strapping machine

The automatic tube steel strapping machine with automatic control Mode by PLC and HMI. It is a strapping equipment for steel tube bundle Shape Hexagon, square, triangle, trapezoid…

Tube packing machine

Automatic steel tube bagging machine for putting the steel tube into bag for protecting the tube surface. The packing speed is adjustable from 10-50m per minute. It is a kind of tube flow wrapper


    pvc pipe packaging line        pipe bagging machine pipe bag packing
Pipe bundler machine

It is an automatic packing solution for pvc conduit, PPR, Upvc pipe…bundle making. Automatic pipe number counting, bundling, strapping…It can be connect with the extruder with online packaging process.

Pipe bag packing machine

Automatic filling the pipe bundle into bag. Both PE bag bagging solution and woven bagging machine can be designed per client’s need. The greatly save your labor cost in package. The woven bagging machine seal the end by

Pipe bagging machine

The automatic single pipe bagging packaging solution for pipes, especially for decoration stainless steel pipe. There is able bagging the steel pipe with 10 pcs or more in a row one time. This is steel pipe packing




It offers bundler methods for the application of very hot melt which are of the maximum good quality, ‘Made in Germany’ and customized to your distinct needs. UES is a dependable spouse of market and can produce an person resolution, functioning with you from the first concept by means of to the start off of your production.
As a provider spouse, bundler with UES can provide services, restore and upkeep of all established systems on the market.
UES merchandise have been taking pleasure in success on the adhesive technologies markets for more than 15 several years. Throughout this time, bundler AG has developed into a major provider for a broad assortment of industries and fields of software. For numerous consumers, UES technique options have turn out to be an important aspect in manufacturing strains.

UES tank systems are provided in a modular construction with versatile tank volumes from 4 ltr – 105 ltr and selectable hose connections from two to sixteen.
UES tank methods are link-appropriate with Nordson® or other techniques.
And there is a comprehensive variety of hoses .six-9.one mtrs, applicators and other ancillary items to total your program

The Compact collection for lower volumes of glue, the Pluramelt for higher volume, the MaxMelt for programs demanding constant large quantity and the PressMelt for processing PUR.

The bundling electronic pattern management with LED screen, has a four-line screen or huge-area contact display with multi-lingual screen, which enables easy operation of the sizzling glue software.
A extensive assortment of options are accessible for optimum integration – from the detachable screen by means of to the additional pump.
Built-in sign and management contacts enable conversation with the central generation handle.



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