pipe and hose automatic coiling machine

Automatic hose/pipe coiling machine


HQ requirement calculation

1st wheelchair 40 mins
Subsequent wheelchairs 1 mins
Total wheelchairs annually 192,600
Electronic assembly per table per hour 5
Total requirement 2022 1,80,000
Work bench requirement 12

1. Assembly Line-1
a. Designed for assembly of wheelchairs and tricycles
b. The conveyor will run at the speed of 1 rotation per 40 minutes. The speed is configurable
c. Complete assembly is divided into 40 Logical steps
d. 20 stations or work zones per side
e. Width of station: 700mm
f. Magnetic swivel fitting at 1 meter, which will allow a quick rotation of frame
g. Station 1 will have a quick change feature for running tricycle on same track
h. Frame loading is manual and but unloading is automatic
i. Overhead tools with quick access facility
j. All tightening and assembly tool will be pneumatic
k. 4 work station will have MIG welding facility
l. All the sub assembled parts or B/O parts will be kept on the left and the right side of work station
m. KANBAN / Bin system will be used for storage and shortage assessment
n. There will be working light/alarm and emergency button at each work station

2. Assembly Line-2
a. The purpose of this assembly line is to have one person doing a complete assembly
b. There will be typical work benches with bins kept on left and right side of the table
c. These bins will have the parts that need to be sub assembled
d. Tools will be over hanging for quick access
e. The work station will be ergonomically designed to take care of efficiency and human fatigue
f. The benches at APC’s will be bigger size to accommodate assembly of wheel chairs and tricycles

3. Assembly Line-3
a. Similar to assembly line 2
b. Smaller work benches
c. Each station will have special bins for electronic parts
d. Each station will have basic electronic assembly and testing facility
e. Kit Boxes will be used for transfer of RM
f. KANBAN fixtures will be used for Finished goods transfer
g. Electronic assembly will be under controlled temperature conditions
h. Enclosures will be dust free



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