Performance Guarantee Test for coil upender and load inverter

coil upender
coil tilter and coil upender, CHINESE manufacturer

“FOB” shall mean Free on Board Port of Shipment which shall be delivered, being duly packed, free of expenses to the Purchaser on board of a vessel or air shipment as per the INCOTERMS 2010 or any other latest amendment thereof.
1.17. “Plant & Equipment” shall mean the equipment/items which shall be designed engineered, manufactured, supply, supervision of installation and Commissioning including successful demonstration of the PG parameters by the Vendor for the intended purpose under the provision of the Purchase Agreement.
1.18. “Schedule of Completion” of coil upender shall mean the completion schedule of the Scope of Imported Supply which shall include design, manufacture and supply of Plant & Equipment along with all accessories, tools, tackles etc. to complete the Vendor’s scope in all respects as per the provision of this Purchase Agreement.
1.19. “Commissioning” shall mean the operation of the Plant & Equipment, installed by the Vendor in conformity with the Purchase Enquiry Specification.
1.20. “Performance Guarantee Test” shall mean the coil upender demonstration of the performance guarantee parameters by the Vendor in conformity with the relevant provision of Purchase Enquiry Specification.
1.21. “Final Acceptance shall mean the issuance of the Final Acceptance Certificate on completion of Defect Liability Period or any extension thereof, if any.
1.22. “Defect Liability Period” shall mean the contractual liability period of the Vendor after the completion of Performance Guarantee Test and liquidation of all punch list items notified by the Purchaser.
1.23. “Confidential Information” shall mean shall mean any and all technical and commercial information, including, but not limited to, design, drawings, specifications, data and other information to be supplied to the Vendor, directly or indirectly, by the Purchaser or developed or acquired by the Vendor in performing the Work under the Purchase Agreement, irrespective of whether such information is disclosed in tangible form or via electronic communication.
2. Scope of Work for Imported Supply (Work)
2.1. Complete coil upender Design, Engineering, Manufacture/Procure/fabrication , Control Assembly, Match Marking, Inspection and Testing at manufacturer’s works, painting, packing, supply of all imported Plant & Equipment and related design & drawings on F.O.B port of shipment basis, supervision of erection & Commissioning and demonstration of Performance Guarantee Test (PGT) , fulfillment of Defect Liability obligations and successful handing over to the Purchaser on Final Acceptance at the Project Site as per the Purchase Enquiry Specification (PR No ……………. dated ……………) along with all required General Specification (if any), correspondences, MOMs to ensure the correctness and completeness of the Work in all respects.
The name of the port(s) shall be clearly mentioned by the Vendor.
2.2. Supply of all coil upender Equipment foundation bolts including bolts of special design and those made of alloy/special steels and imported special embedment that may be required for the Equipment on F.O.B. basis.
2.3. Supply of refractory and lining materials with additional quantity, as specified in the Purchase Enquiry Specification or as agreed on F.O.B. basis.

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