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Fujian Shunchang Rainbow Run Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, it is located in the picturesque Wuyi Mountain. This year up from scratch to create instruments enterprises have standing tall in Chinese Feng Jian wave instrument industry. The company has more than 300 employees, including college education of scientific and technical personnel of 180 people for horizontal stretch wrapper . VSC has located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and other places five companies and two research and development centers, Rainbow Run Company as a production base, with an annual output of more than 30 million units meter scale. Care and support every step of the provincial, city and county leaders and relevant departments of the development company, the former party secretary LuZhanGong, Governor Huang Xiaojing, Provincial Committee and Vice Governor Chen Hua, Provincial Committee and secretary of Politics and Law Committee Xu Qian Minister Provincial Committee propaganda Tang Guozhong, deputy governor Ye Shuangyu, Zhangzhi Nan, Nanping Municipal Committee Bae Jin Jia, Nanping mayor Linbao gold has more than 50 provinces and cities leading to the Division I visited, guidance. Our products enjoy a high reputation in the industry, customers include China Air to Air Missile Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Space Technology, Institute of High Energy Physics, Military Medical Sciences, Ministry of Ordnance 58, Microsoft Research Asia, the United States, Germany Krupp Bo companies, Tsinghua University, the Daya Bay nuclear Power Plant, Daqing Oilfield, Shougang, FAW and other users, products used in Shenzhou spacecraft, the Chang-e lunar exploration, nuclear power and other fields, the products have been exported to Southeast Asia and the Middle East and make preparations sold to international markets .

Rainbow Run Vision: “create world-class products, let Rainbow Run to the world.”

Rainbow Run Interpretation: “rain rainbow, softly,” Rainbow Run spirit: “Rainbow Run afraid expedition difficult.”

Rainbow Run starting from the day of birth of great importance to corporate culture, after ten years of market storms, honed Rainbow Run will rock-solid, hard-working natures, rigorous and meticulous style, the courage to climb the courage, daring and innovative courage. “Rain rainbow, softly” Rainbow Run interpretation of the law and the pursuit of the company’s development. The “Rainbow run afraid expedition difficult” .Rainbow Run embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of unity and cooperation of people, forge ahead, scaling the heights of the spirit.

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