Panel strapping machine and coil wrapper

pallet strapping machine, pallet packing line
panel strapping machine, pallet packing line

Doyouneed EyeWrapping (or) Coil Wrapping?     Coil Wrapping


Materialofwhichgoodsaremade     Strip & Foil



Shapeforwrapping          ProfileB




Pallet wrapping machine and strapping machine
Panel orbital wrapping machine and strapping machine

OuterØmaximunD  1000                   mm            OuterØminimumD    300           mm InnerØmaximun  d  460                                 mm            InnerØminimumd      100         mm Width  Bmaximun    430                                mm           WidthBminimum          5    mm

Weightofcoil  max.   250                 Kg            Weightofcoil  min         4         Kg


WidthofpackagingmaterialB   75      mm           WidthofoverlapU  40     %  50     mm


DiagonalQmaximum                           mm          DiagonalQminimum                       mm


You are kindly requested to quote your best Price for supplying Pipe Tape Wrapping Machine to the above mentioned project in Kuwait.


1- Pipe Material: Ductile Iron

2- Pipe Diameter: 1600 mm

3- Tape Width: 225 mm

4- Type of Operation: Motor Operated

5- Quantity: ONE Machine

Please attach technical catalogue for the coilinging machine quoted machine along with the commercial proposal.

Your immediate reply will be highly appreciated.



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