panel packaging series for horizontally packing a lean film show

The panel packaging line based on claim 11, in which the strengthening member includes a plurality of reinforcing pins , along with a plurality of pin put in pockets (140) is provided with an edge of the stacking framework

to match the number and appearance of reinforcing pins . [13] The panel packaging line according to claim 11, wherein the reinforcing member comprises a plurality of reinforcing bars , the reinforcing bars  being inserted into the stacking frame .

The present invention relates, in general, for an panel packing range for packing a thin film exhibit panel generated such as a half-finished item and, more specifically, to a panel wrapping collection for packing a thin film display panel, which includes an improved structure, therefore using a simple framework and minimizing developing expenses in addition to travel expenses.

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[2] Slender film display solar panels have been quickly becoming a significant industry. The slender film show solar panels incorporate plasma exhibit individual panels, thin film transistor-fluid crystal exhibits (TFT-Liquid crystal), organic and natural light emitting diodes (OLED), and so forth. which can be exceptional in show functionality, which include screen afterimage, capacity, luminance and contrast watching position, are slim, and are capable of displaying a large display screen.

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