panel packaging machine and shrink wrap machine

panel shrinking machine
panel shrink wrap machine, panel packing machine

The shrinking machine can be special designed as 1m x 1m x 1m.



The solution:

  1. Top film has to be covered by manually before pallets enter conveyor 1.
  2. Film Frame is able to change 500mm into 1000mm
  3. Conveyor 2 can be redesigned as a turn table for wrapping with tape by manually.


Cost of 1000mm film frame:That’s Custom built type, as your know except the basic costs(the material,drives,motor,tension devie,control…) whihc will higher than 500mm,it must need extra cost in the process of purchasing,designing,producing…

Tape wrapping device: $18,000 is the price of semiauto function that you had discussed with Mr.ZHANG. There is no catalogue and raletive photos,since we do it in first time. So that’s why we need 60days delivery time.

3.Yes,add $293 to JL2100-B for loading Max.3T.
4.There is no MOQ.

5.Delivery time: Standard type JL2100-B with in 7days
JL2100-B for 1000mm film with in 20days
Type wrapping device with in 60days

6. Capacity in one hour:

standard type JL2100-B—–15-18pallets/hour (no include time of loading and covering top film.
JL2100-B with 1000mm——22-26pallets/hour
Note: 6 wrapping layers
Power voltage: AC380V/50Hz OR 60HZ are available for your requirement.
8.Turntable height: It is the height of turntable of JL2100-B
9.Quotation for Tape:Sorry
10. There is no need to buy another parts of machine.






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