Even firms whose names are identified throughout the world ought to periodically re-appraise tools in get to retain market place dominance. When one particular this sort of manufacturer uncovered that an outdated palletizing robot gripper experienced to be replaced, they turned to Leading Tech Chronos for a retrofit.

1 issue that wanted to be solved was a deficiency of dependability. Since the plant’s present palletizing robotic was manufactured by a firm that outsourced components, the consumer might wait around months for substitute areas.

The second problem was that suction cups on the robot’s authentic stop-of-arm device (EOAT) deformed bags by making a pyramid one particular-half to a single-inch higher in the center of every single bag. Not only did that final result in unattractive luggage, but it also made palletizing challenges due to the fact deformed baggage occupy far more area. The ensuing pallets have been unnecessarily tall, demanding additional wrapping product and lowering stacking efficiency.

These difficulties could be remedied by Premier Tech Chronos, the customer understood, due to the fact it was pleased with the functionality of the EOAT that Leading Tech Chronos had developed and put in in other places in the identical facility. It was resolved that the outdated vacuum gripper on the palletizing robot’s arm would be replaced by a Leading Tech Chronos finger gripper.

A single gain of the finger gripper is that due to the fact it lifts luggage from underneath, it transfers luggage devoid of deforming them, manufacturing uniform pallets. This makes it possible to develop stacks that are 4 pallets large, which is much more effective than the shorter stacks that occupied a lot more place in the customer’s warehouse before the retrofit.

Yet another advantage of lifting baggage from beneath is that the probability of dropped bags and resulting product reduction is lowered. In addition, the better placement precision provided by the gripper can improve throughput by as a lot as 20 % when compared with the vacuum product. The gripper increases the line’s overall flexibility as very well, by palletizing a larger variety of containers than the vacuum EOAT it replaced.

The finger gripper permits automatic bag handling from the select-up place to the pallet, delivering help under each bag and rapid, symmetrical release at the drop level on the pallet. Just as essential is the design of this instrument, which cradles loaded luggage and offers help to guarantee bags are not deformed. Made to accommodate a broad selection of bag types, the automated bag-width-adjustment servomotor that was installed enables the finger gripper to be adjusted to accommodate baggage of various widths for the duration of the exact same run. This boosts method adaptability, efficiency, and productiveness.

The select-up conveyor has a clean PVC coat on its conveying facet to ensure bags are not snagged or ripped. Present security fences have been upgraded with new protection modules in get to regard the customer’s spending budget whilst meeting present security standards. A centralized HMI (Human-Machine Interface) was set up that drastically simplifies operations. Its one-level accessibility for altering recipes limits the chance of human error, thus minimizing the possible for downtime.

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