Pallet wrapping machine material cost

block pallet stretch wrapper
block pallet stretch wrapper, wooden stretch wrapper


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1.DATA OF DIFFERENT FILM for pallet wrapping machine

A. Standard film
width:500mm     weight:15kg       length:1350m

After stretch
Price:Appr.0.2055rmb/m. 0.0301762

B. 1m film
width:1000mm weight:20kg length:1000m,
After stretch
width:800mm length:2000m
Price: appr. 0.43rmb/m. 0.0630498


Film Frame Pallet Perimeter Turning for Full wrapping Film for full wrapping Cost for full wrapping Film Cost for each brick(80pcs/pallet)
500mm 800mmx4=3.2m 5times 3.2mx5=16m $0.4828192 $0.006035
1000mm 800×4=3.2m 2times 3.2mx2=6.4m $0.40351872 $0.005043

Note:Above figures are base on the pallet that is 800x800x1400mm in stretch wrapping machine.



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