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Automatic pallet wrapping machine for bag pallet packaging
Automatic pallet wrapping machine for bag pallet packaging
More information:
Thank you for your inquiry about our pallet wrapping machine.
Nous vous remercions de votre demande sur notre fardeleuse.
turntable pallet stretch wrapper
Please find the quotation of our pallet stretch wrapping machine enclosed herewith. After reviewing it, you will get machine features and technical data clearly.
S’il vous plaît trouver la citation de notre machine d’emballage palette stretch ci-joint. Après avoir examiné, vous aurez clairement les caractéristiques de la machine et les données techniques.
Hopefully, we will get this chance to cooperate with your esteemed company for orbital stretch wrapper.
Espérons que nous aurons cette chance de coopérer avec votre compagnie estimée.
For additional information, please feel free to contact us.
Pour plus d’informations, se sentir libre s’il vous plaît à nous contacter.
Our agent says if you don’t pay tax and receive those machine parts, Fedex will deal with the package as follows.
1. Return it to us, and they will charge us $7200 (tax and freight cost).
2. Destroy it locally in India, they still will charge us $1500.
If we do not pay the charge, our company will be on the customs’ black list and unable to export anything in future.
For both us, we hope that you will pay and get those machine parts. Thanks for your understanding very much.
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