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Packaging meals products that are dependent on heritage recipes can be a difficult proposition. Place the merchandise in a vintage-design container, and it can seem stodgy. Update it, and you risk dropping the handcrafted, excellent-for-you picture. That was the challenge confronted by Grandma Hoerner’s Foods, Inc. of Alma, KS, when it decided to refresh the packaging for its organic and natural Huge Slice kettle-cooked apple slices, fruit preserves, pie fillings, and assorted salsa, sauce, and relish goods.

Its current Massive Slice stretch packaging consisted of a 26-oz glass mason jar with a gold lid and a 3-aspect wraparound label that highlighted a modest portrait sketch of the brand’s namesake, Grandma Hoerner, as a youthful lady. “The labels experienced an old-fashioned air to them that was consistent with the photograph of Grandma,” says business Vice President Regina McCoy. “While we wished to stay real to our roots, we knew that today’s shoppers have smaller sized families, and the large jar dimensions we wrapping packaged our Big Slice apples in were just as well big for them.”

Being aware of that its Massive Slice merchandise line was also established to debut nationwide in retail stores this kind of as Focus on in a four.5-oz versatile pouch with modern day graphics in vivid hues, Grandma Hoerner’s also wished to update its jars to guarantee constant branding of its items.

Fhopepack admits that the refresh was lengthy overdue: “We had read opinions for years at trade demonstrates about the seem and feel of our products. Although we ended up becoming genuine to our roots, we had a ‘Cracker Barrel’-type really feel, and we read from our clients that they ended up searching for one thing more modern day.”

The new deal, facilitated by Berlin Packaging’s Studio One particular Eleven design division, starts off with a customized rectangular 19-oz glass jar with pedestal-like detailing at the shoulder and base—a noticeable difference on-shelf from the round bottles that dominate the category. A 14-oz and a twelve.5-oz square edition is utilized for preserves. The straight-walled jar also makes it possible for for far more deals for each stretch wrapping pallet, reducing international delivery fees.

A 3-sided, wraparound label, positioned in a recessed area on the container’s entrance, again, and facet, decorates the jar, while manufacturer embossing decorates the fourth facet, bolstering the impression of a item with a specific provenance. Label graphics align with people used on the pouch and incorporate a contemporary one-colour polka dot-patterned background—with coloration dependent on selection. Silver or gold lids repeat the pattern. Replacing Grandma Hoerner’s likeness on the label is a seal-like symbol bearing the letters “GH” in an sophisticated, modern script, together with the brand title. Says McCoy, “Overall, we wanted to simplify, modernize, and be completely ready to go world-wide with our branding.”

The new packaging launched in early 2015 in 5,000-additionally shops nationwide, and is getting utilized for Grandma Hoerner’s Huge Slice apples and fruit preserves, and its new 19-5.oz Gourmet Ready to Go! sauces. McCoy says the firm is currently working to go all of its goods to the new design and style.

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