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Automatic stretch wrapping machine and pallet packaging machine equipment fault type and the solutions:
Packaging equipment failures generally reflected in three aspects: material and product transmission fault, fault and lack of fault product delivery.
1, transmission fault
Transmission fault performance is a system failure, loss of synchronization mechanism operation etc.. This failure is usually due to improper operation, equipment vibration make fasteners loose cause, once a fault occurs, often causing significant damage to equipment, long downtime. Therefore, such a failure to resolutely put an end to happen.
The main measures are strict rules, strengthen equipment maintenance and equipment pre repair, eliminating the trouble in the bud.
2, packing materials and product delivery failure
The main products include fault fault block in the conveying channel. Reasons for this kind of fault reasons in addition to the front about raw and auxiliary materials, itself, and the channel size adjusting device, dirt improper operation channel. When fault occurs, the equipment can be automatic stop control, manual operation, during a security risk.
This type of failure can not be eliminated, therefore, strengthen equipment maintenance and pre repair, improve equipment adjustment precision, improve the staff’s operation level etc..
3, the lack of product failure
Due to the adaptive reasons of raw materials and products transportation and package itself, in the packaging does not cause equipment downtime, but packaged product is missing or increased, then in the post process to layout a plurality of line control, at the same time between between the equipment matching and motion coordination is to adjust to the synchronous state, the working principle of repair personnel should be familiar with the equipment and good adjustment, and do regular revision, do effective work in the fault frequency occurred before the.
Three, fault management:
1, by understanding the causes of the deterioration of equipment technology state: strengthen the technical level of the repair team to enhance the training, to strengthen the exchange of experience in repair, improve the repair level, discuss and carry out technological transformation, technology to eliminate the deterioration of the source.
2, find the weak link of stretch wrapping machine equipment management work, strengthen the equipment environment for attention and improvement, to strengthen the operation staff clean maintenance, repair personnel to strengthen the regular maintenance, adjustment, and from the system to define and supervise the implementation.
3, grasp the equipment failure and wear law; strengthening the recording and analysis of abnormal information of every employee of spot inspection, strengthen staff repair operation record standard statistics, implement the task of the equipment and spare parts to declare the quality inspection work, the full implementation of equipment failure repair personnel housekeeper responsibility, reach its ownership of equipment fault management and mining on the wear law, as far as possible to eliminate faults in the bud, as soon as possible to reduce the equipment failure rate of strength.
4, the formulation of the maintenance cycle, maintenance plan and improve spare parts work; combined with the actual production, according to the daily equipment information, formulate the maintenance cycle, maintenance plan and improve the repair work, make full use of the production gap, other effective use of time for the implementation of production organization in the organization.
5, find out the fault influence on production and economic loss.

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