packing material for steel coil packing machine

Please be informed that we are looking for certain packing materials which are going to be used in steel coil packing. You are kindly requested to go through the below table and send your suitable offer accordingly.
Description UOM
1 HDPE white 100gsm (with print) Kg
2 LDPE 100gsm Kg
3 GP ID Ring 1.0x110x508 dia – 2 nos (#) Kg
4 GP – Body wrapping (0.40mm) (#) Kg
5 GP in ID (0.40mm) (#) Kg
6 Metwrapp Grey Side disc( 2 nos)(with Print) Sqmtr
8 GP OD (0.50 x 125mm) Kg
9 Strap – 19x 0.64 mm (R-4+C-3) Kg
10 Seal – 19 mm Nos
11 Rubber Seal Nos
12 Edge Protector Nos
13 HDPE Tape 3″  Mtr
14 Filament Tape 3″ Mtr
15 Bopp Tape Roll
If you have any doubt, Kindly revert us back through email.
And following are the coil packing machine for reference
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