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It chose the compact Veronica Vertical Cartoner from Ultra Packaging, Inc., which operates with a full Bosch Rexroth regulate and drives solution that delivers the adaptability, high throughput, and rapid changeover occasions that Pedigree needed.

Although some of Pedigree’s customers use typical folded-top cartons, some others ask for a gable-leading closure for improved shelf attractiveness. In addition, Pedigree supports numerous package deal proportions, ranging from four to 10.5 inches significant, three to 9 inches extensive, and .seventy five to 3.five inches deep.

With roughly sixty clients—each with multiple take care of types or flavors and up to five packaging variations—Pedigree’s achievement is dependent on its capability to fulfill all consumer requests. Right up until just lately, the firm applied a manual cartoning method to satisfy customers’ demands. The moment treats had been bagged, a conveyor brought the loaded luggage to guide stations in which they were being inserted into erected boxes. The packing containers have been then manually sealed with glue guns.

Ultra Packaging’s Veronica (see photograph) is a consumer-helpful seven-axis cartoner that erects cartons from flat paperboard blanks and effectively transports, closes, and glues the cartons. It’s engineered to be a charge-efficient answer for increasing organizations that want quick changeovers and adaptability. Important to the Veronica’s flexibility is its state-of-the-art handle and drives platform from Bosch Rexroth.

“Rexroth parts aid make the Veronica as potent and as functional as it is,” suggests Bob Stockus, proprietor of Ultra Packaging. “With Rexroth’s components, the Veronica is user-welcoming and can be tailored for each user’s demands, while keeping within a price range.”

The Veronica employs the IndraMotion XLC movement logic controller, Bosch Rexroth’s premiere platform for motion, robotic, logic, and hydraulic management apps, which is programmed according to the PLCopen common IEC 61131-three. This results in synchronized motion manage on each and every axis as effectively as logic programming, and it capabilities a wide range of open up interfaces, such as Sercos III, PROFINET, and EtherNet/IP.

Rexroth’s IndraDrive Mi cupboard-free travel/motor process drives every axis. With generate electronics integrated into the motor housing (see shut-up picture), servo models can be housed on the equipment alone this aids make the Veronica a extremely compact and modular device that can be easily in shape into restricted manufacturing facility workspaces.

The built-in motors and drives offer you added benefits like diminished area and cooling necessities in the regulate cupboard. This system also lessens the machine’s part charge a single cable for electric power and interaction operates from the energy source, and every IndraDrive Mi is daisy-chained to the up coming for drastically lowered cabling. Even though this sort of items are important, suggests Pedigree Ovens operator Kurt Stricker, he emphasizes how critical it is that the control and drives system delivers adaptability. “It was crucial for our dual fold capabilities,” claims Stricker.

Even however the Pedigree software is the initial that utilizes the Veronica for gable-fold closures, the cartoner proved properly suited for the task. Once the pet treats are bagged, they are transported to the cartoner through a conveyor managed with the exact same IndraMotion XLC employed for the Veronica. The conveyor lifts the items about six toes to reach the Veronica.


The Veronica’s first step is to erect just about every carton and seal the base. The product or service is inserted at a guide generation station, and the Veronica then seals the crammed box. For regular closures, this is the same process as sealing the base: The Veronica kicks a flap into spot, applies glue, and kicks the next flap into spot.

Gable-leading closures have to have an more stage. Immediately after the carton is erected, the base sealed, and the item inserted, the Veronica need to make gussets on the sides. The machine has a system that moves up and down on both side of the box to press the sides in. Then the device applies the glue and folds the flap over the prime to create a gable-prime closure resembling a milk carton.

The changeovers involving standard and gable folds can be performed quickly, many thanks to a unique sub-assembly Ultra Packaging extra to the Veronica for Pedigree. All the components needed for each and every kind of fold are grouped collectively on just one plate so the machine operator can adjust them all at as soon as.

“Rexroth’s handle and drives platform furnished crucial programming abilities,” says Stockus. “Because the Rexroth IndraDrive Mi push system is really precise concerning the timing of the drives’ positions, we had been in a position to achieve this and preserve the changeover periods to a minimum.”

For Pedigree, this was an important gain of the Veronica. While most suppliers would have two independent methods in spot to deal with two diverse folds, Pedigree can do everything with just just one device. With higher capability for changeovers, the firm now does up to three of them every day and ten to twelve per week, enabling speedier turnaround periods and better overall flexibility.

Over-all, the automated cartoning approach is five to 7 times more rapidly, creating considerable improvements in throughput. 5 to six men and women functioning jointly with the Veronica can deal forty to sixty bags for each moment. And for less complicated work opportunities that merely need repackaging into shelf-completely ready packing containers, the crew can achieve sixty to 70 bags for every moment.

“We have been capable to minimize labor and boost speed instantly, and the return on investment decision was seriously fast,” Stricker stated. “A task that employed to get us three times can now be carried out in an afternoon.”

The Veronica achieved all of Pedigree’s targets and exceeded focus on manufacturing costs. The Rexroth XLC controller and IndraDrive Mi push method presented the modular know-how and smart automation platform that enabled Ultra Packaging to effectively modify the Veronica to combine regular and gable-top cartons on a one machine.

“We delight ourselves in our flexibility, in production and in packaging,” Stricker explained. “That’s in which the Veronica’s actually assisted us. It’d be challenging to think about getting all this operate performed without the Veronica.”

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