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The passage of time to retain people pace, the birth of a new era of high-tech brand stop technology forward one more step leap. Because of the level and quality of people’s life continuously improve, people also began to gradually change their requirements for goods.  let the customer packaging requirements on powder packing machine is more and more high. Therefore, the people gradually began to enjoy life, at the same time, also continue to inspire the powder packing machine in the industry competition, so that enterprises in the market share of more extensive. Powder packing machine as a commodity in the production process is the most widely used equipment, packaging equipment mechanical CIMC advanced technology he is also many in a body. Thus for the development of powder packing machine in the industry, automation technology coming, not only for the enterprises in the market, more rapid, more is to let the powder packing machine in China can always walk in the forefront of science and technology.

Packaging machine from one generation to another, is also advancing with the times. Powder and coil packaging machine industry as the products of the new era, caused by the rapid pace of development and extensive application of space makes many enterprises feel the shock in the development of economy, it is because of the convenience and power giant powder packaging machinery industry in the development of social economic development and people’s daily life brings, have modern life today. Industry visible powder packing machine for the development of modern life and society plays a very important. Powder packing machine is now in is not the sole, based on the original powder packaging machine has been developed to a fully automatic tube packaging machine, powder packing production line and other high-end powder packaging machine equipment, of course, was born the main benefit these powder packing machine in the technical innovation. The visible science and technology is the first productivity being come ture.
Automatic particle back seal door packaging machine adopts the international most advanced microcomputer chip control, photoelectric eye tracking detection, two bag can be cut, coder and choose equipped with clamp gas or air charging device. [1] bag system with stepping motor subdivision technology, making high precision, the error is less than 1 mm; heat sealing mechanism of parts using four way temperature control, temperature control accuracy, good heat balance, to ensure the sealing quality, also can adjust packing capacity during machine operation process, reduce material loss, improve work efficiency. Mainly used in granular peanut, melon seeds, beans, such as beans, seeds, popcorn and other material automatic packing of various.


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