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Basic description

1. Name, model, quantity

Equipment name:Steel coil wrapping machine

Model:GD500 with two trolley

Quantity: 1set


2.Basic parameters of the machine

The basic parameters are as follows, but not binding to this:

2.1 Steel coil wrapping machine form

²  Hoisting in and out the object.


2.2 Basic features of the machine


l  PLC&HMI for program control.

l  The machinery special designed for big wire coils packing.

l  Two Trolleys for loading and unloading.

l  Manual and automatic working mode can be choosing.

l  The converter is adopted to adjust the overlap of the packing tape according to requirement.

l  Guardrails, soft starts and stop for safety operation.

l  Convenient for hoisting, safe and reliable.

l  Overloading protection.

l  Both Electric limitation and mechanical limitation for operation system.

l  The friction between wheels and ring is adjustable.

l  Height of the turning ring could be adjusted for different OD by motor.


l  Supportive rolls derived by motors for wrapping protecting.

l  Difference packing material can be choosing.

l  Packing material fix on the ring for wrapping.

l  Special tension control designing provide a consistent packaging tension for coil small and big.

l  The rollers are wrapped by polyurethane

l  Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown automatically.



Option: Interlock Safety Guarding


Basic features:


l  Height of fence: 1800mm

l  Electrical inter lock brand: Frotress

l  The whole operational area will be protected by security fencing according to design.

l  Bases in pillars for anchorage of the same safety fencing.

l  Light gates for safety operation.




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