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Thank you for your mail.
This is Lily Liu to help you.

1) Horizontal flow pack machine:
According to your plotter’s specification, there are two solutions for you.
a. Shrink wrapper
Please see the picture of our shrink machine.

b. Flow wrapper
Please see the video of our shrink machine for your reference.

Besides, how about your packaging speed and which solution do you prefer?

2) Vacuum machine
It’s a pity that we don’t manufacture vacuum machine, while I would like to purchase it for you.

3) Pallet wrapping machine
Here I attach some pictures and video for you.

pallet wrapper with pre-stretch and top platen

pallet wrapper with top platen

pallet wrapper with wide film

Also, you have automatic and semi-auto pallet wrappers to choose. And, may I know your length, width, height and weight of a pallet? Like the below picture.

And, the newest freight is listed.

Look forward to your reply.
Thank you
Best regards,
Lily Liu

Dear Sir or Madam,

we are looking for three machine to pack our products. Below I am sending some details:

1) Horizontal flow pack machine:

– length of our product: between 297mm – 1400 mm
– diameter of our product: between 90mm – 180mm
– weight of our product: between 1kg – 13 kg

We would like to pack in for example polyetylene foil plotter reels (please see in the attachment how does it look – picture “plotter”)

2) We are looking for also two chamber vaccum machine to packing 3D printing filament on spool (please see in the attachment how does it look – picture “filament”)

-diemnsions: 20cmx7cm
-weight: 1 kg

3) Mchine to wrap the pallets in strech foil

Please for the offer, conditions of cooperation and freight costs do Poland (harbor on Gdańsk, Gdynia or in Szczecin)

波兰 格但斯克 拉丁尼亚 什切青
Kind regards



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