packing machine and coil wrapper

Pneumatically operated in the previous, the fhopepack line of roll-fed thermoforming equipment from coil wrapper now attribute servo-pushed actuation in essential places. In moving to servo drives and motors supplied by Lenze, Italy’s coil wrapper, represented in the U.S. by Roberts Technology Group, has also switched to a Lenze PLC as its device controller.

In accordance to coil wrapper Solution Manager Andrea Zini, the shift to servo first transpired in 2009. But the servo motors picked by coil wrapper at the time were produced by a business other than the regional Italian supplier that was driving coil wrapper ’s committed controller. “With this earlier implementation, which concerned two suppliers, we knowledgeable some limitations,” claims Zini. “By going to a single resource for motors and PLC, we had been ready to overcome these limitations. In the procedure, because now we are working with an internationally known controls and automation supplier, we have entry to much a lot more features, much more encounter, and much better dependability.”

Among the characteristics he’s specifically happy with is improved remote diagnostics ability. “When relying on a regional Italian provider for our PLC, we had to have remote access capability customized designed just for us,” he points out. “With Lenze, it’s a characteristic that comes as a standard package deal that’s been proven in countless apps, and it works so significantly a lot more easily as a result.”

A great instance of the kind of thermoforming device Zini is chatting about is the fhopepack Model coil wrapper EMec. Developed for medium to high output, its three principal axes of movement require opening and closing the thermoforming resources, opening and closing the warmth-sealing resources, and advancing the facet gripper chains that carry the forming internet via the machine. Now that all three of these are servo-driven, there’s no more time any want to generate compressed air for the pneumatics, so the new equipment are forty to sixty five% much more power productive.

They are also twenty to 30% faster since the tooling can be opened and shut more quickly than when it was pneumatically operated. An further increase in speed will come from the contact display screen handle. Zini describes.

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