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Your packaging peers can be your toughest critics. But not, it seems, because of their experience and information of what can or can not be done technically, economically or operationally. They’re shoppers, also, who are passionate about packaging and won’t stand for mediocrity.

An example of a doosie disappointment early this year was the Hungry Jack microwavable syrup bottle, which was changed with a non-microwavable container…then altered again following the customer uproar.

But here are 5 other examples where people have posted crushing comments to posts on our website about new packages they seemingly feel ought to by no means have been conceived, significantly much less produced and offered.

Warning: Some of the biting language could offend you, especially if you had been the designer of the package being critiqued.

Feel these brand name owners are listening? If not to these remarks, maybe they will to a fall in product sales.

one. Lipton’s new tea bag packaging brews problems

As a Lipton tea bag customer, when I bought the new package deal, I believed it was a welcome refresh. Lipton changed individual tea bag wraps with 4 bricks of twenty five unpacked luggage in a tray wrapped in gold foil. I nonetheless like the redesign, but I’m in the minority—11 of the thirteen remarks posted on our site have been thumbs down. How numerous methods can you say “terrible”?

Anonymous: “It sucks. We can’t serve unwrapped tea bags to our patrons. They just lost a customer.”

Jim MM: “Very unhappy with the new packaging. The teabags have lost their portability. Also, the taste is off. I’m not sure if the new packaging is off gassing the uncomfortable style or the product has just become subpar.”

Nameless: “This is crap! I can no lengthier appreciate my morning tea. I also cannot believe in to order tea at a cafe. I have no difficulty with the business attempting something new. You have attempted and unsuccessful. Now go back to the previous tea bags.”

Anonymous: “I was very surprised when I acquired house and opened the box to see the tea baggage were all in a foil wrap…. so dissatisfied as I do not believe the tea baggage will keep fresh. Personal envelopes keep the freshness in. Now I have 100 tea baggage with no question will have the identical taste. 🙁 ”

Anonymous: “The foil is fine but when I opened the foil unfastened tea was everywhere the baggage seal was unfastened. Now I am using my coffee filters to brew the tea.”

Nameless: “Hate it. Foil pack ripped following next serving. No for a longer time can toss a single in my purse to get alongside, have to use a baggie. Because foil packs ripped, had to buy a Tupperware container to hold tea. Cost me cash I shouldn’t have experienced to devote.”

Nameless: “If you go to the Lipton site, you’ll find that the bulk of posters there do not like the new packaging. I haven’t posted to the Lipton website, but I don’t like the new packaging either. (It’s inconvenient and unhygienic.) Lipton is totally free to bundle its product as it needs. I’m free of charge not to purchase it and have switched brands.”

Nameless: “I think the new packaging of Lipton Tea is horrible. How can you say that the tea luggage remain refreshing when your exposing all of them each time you open up the foil pack…Pure cost conserving for Lipton…that’s it…Twinnings and Bigelow: Now that is correctly created to give the buyer a new tea bag…”

Nameless: “I have never bought any brand of tea other than Lipton for the past fifty a long time. I hate the new packaging and will never buy Lipton once again. The new packaging is a stage backwards for Lipton and is clearly away for them to lower costs and cheapen the product.”

Anonymous: “Terrible packaging. Fresh? When you open the foil back (which always tears) the hole in the leading of the box panel permits air to flow into. Have to use plastic lunch baggage to maintain them new – intriguing that we now have to use our own PLASTIC so you can claim how environmentally dependable you are! I will be altering manufacturers when I can no lengthier find the outdated box with separately packaged tea bags. That is a disgrace that you will drop a lifelong customer because of silly packaging.”

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