Packaging system in wrapper

Colbert Packaging Corp.’s MedLock EZ is its latest innovation in patient conformity orbital stretch wrapper packaging. MedLock EZ is actually a child-resistant, elderly-pleasant, and lasting system-serving option to amber doctor prescribed vials.

MedLock EZ consists of an exterior paperboard casing that houses a tablet blister cards secured into place by having an built-in, patent-pending securing process. The locking mechanism disengages by holding and squeezing touch things at a single finish of the paperboard casing although sliding the blister greeting card out throughout the opposite end. When the blister credit card is revealed, medicine might be pushed by way of one of many individual blisters. Slipping the blister card into the outer casing reengages the locking mechanism.

Remarkably adaptable and easy to customize, MedLock EZ offers significant marketing and sustainability advantages for its paperboard-dependent design. The package’s big computer location can be used brand attributes as well as treatment particulars, dosing directions, days, along with other information that engages sufferers and conveys a consistent and clear treatment program. MedLock EZ will generally be produced from uncoated sound bleached sulfate (SBS) paperboard, but it can also be produced making use of other sorts of paperboard, and it may integrate various coatings and effects.

Exposed to Consumer Product Basic safety Percentage evaluating protocols, MedLock EZ has tested to F=1 for little one-proof and senior-friendly effectiveness.

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