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That we believe are the best performers on the market for their particular applications, although ?°We?ˉve added to our ink lineup to offer customers ink packing solutions that not only provide excellent print quality. We make an effort to continuously boost our group of substantial-undertaking inks and customize their qualities to satisfy the particular needs of client programs,mentioned Anthony Blencowe, Videojet Business System Director CIJ. For case in point, the latest thermochromic ink, which transform from black color to light blue once the retort process, penetrate tough area deposits to provide meals suppliers increased programming versatility.

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Fhopepack Thermochromic Ink Applications and Benefits

Fhope and V-201black colored-to-glowing blue inks improve the effective selection of Videojet thermochromic ink made to enter the hardest area contaminations which might be present on containers in packaged foods filling up lines. Current developments in dye biochemistry make it easy for these inks to permeate waxy surface deposits and go through substantial temperatures food preparation functions although still attaining a distinctive color modify.

Right after making it through the rigors of ongoing stream retort cooking processes, the inks generate legible light blue codes rich in optical persona identification (OCR) read prices. These inks are added to the expanding Videojet selection of MEK-cost-free merchandise. V474 is designed for use with CIJ computer printers within the Videojet 1000 Line, when V519?ˉs unique properties make it appropriate for use with Videojet 1620 and 1650 Extra High-speed (UHS) ink jet printers.

V475/V520 Thermochromic Ink Benefits and Applications

The brand new V475 and V520 MEK-free of charge designed ink add to the Videojet variety of thermochromic high end inks. The black-to-light blue coloration modify is not hard to distinguish and adds satisfaction towards the retort approach. The distinctive dye structure enhances the shelf-life balance of the rule beneath dried up heat safe-keeping issues that are very frequent through the retort functions.

The MEK-cost-free formulation makes use of option pentanone, solvents and ethanol, to enable reasonably quick free of moisture periods on a number of foods storage units substrates, such as steel containers, plastic material pouches, glass and bowls jars.

FHOPE is for use using the Videojet 1000 Line of CIJ printers, although V520 is designed to perform on Videojet 1620 and 1650 UHS computer printers.

New Ink for UHS Ink jet printers – MEK-cost-free Universal Black and Fast Free of moisture Dark Grey

Videojet released the 1650 and 1620 UHS printers in June 2013 plus a vital pair of well-known inks designed for high speed industry apps. Now, along with V519 and V520, Videojet has unveiled two other ink with exclusive properties due to its 1620 and 1650 UHS computer printers. Incorporating these new inks gives the entire giving of Videojet high speed inks to 25.

FHOPE: Quick drying, dim gray ink cartridge manufactured specifically for extruded Pvc material in cable and wire programs.

fhopepack: Ethanol-based, top quality MEK-like overall performance black color ink cartridge to get a broad assortment of substrates.

Videojet analyzed these UHS ink and UHS ink jet printers in excess of 2 years at the extremes of produce speeds and ecological problems. Created for ideal decline formation, Videojet UHS inks and UHS laser printers assist buyers accomplish superb print out top quality at stressful manufacturing line rates of speed.

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