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Pre pull winding machine

pallet wrapping machine
pallet stretch wrapper and wrapping macine

1. Power: 1P AC220V 50Hz 1.25KW
2. Machine Dimensions: Wheel diameter Φ1500: L2440mm × W1500mm × H2400mm
3. Column height dimensions: 2000mm, 2400mm
4. Effective Package Height: 400mm height minus column
5. Site height from the ground: 78mm
6. turntable bearing: Φ1500: 1500kg, Φ1650: 2000kg, 2000kg can be customized more than
7. Speed ​​Dial: 0-9r / min
8. The way the film: Motor mechanical pre-stretch
9. Machine features:
 adapt cylindrical object wrapped Lap
 text with LCD controller, reliable performance, easy operation, you can set the winding ways and winding parameters as needed
 control high way: photoelectric switch control the height, black objects, photoelectric need reservations, special travel switch available
 frequency control function, you can always adjust the speed according to a variety of objects, thereby controlling the tension around the film and the film overlapping width
 has a frequency soft start and soft positioning function, so that the whole process of winding smooth, accurate positioning
 to prevent damage to the goods during handling and dust, moisture and cleaning effect
 With CE certification, optional
10. wrapping film parameters:
 Material: LLDPE film
 Specification: width 100 ~ 500mm, thickness 17 ~ 25μm
Outside diameter ≤φ250mm, within Zhixin φ50 ~ φ76mm
 Tensile rate: 100% -300%
 Flammability: highly combustible
 fire fighting methods: water; water jet; dry-type fire extinguisher
 Toxic: The product does not contain any toxic
 relevant biochemical data: chemicals indecomposable
11. Electrical configuration:
 limit switch: France “TE”
 contacts: France “TE”
 button switch: Siemens APT
 Drive: China “MEIWA”
 photoelectric switch: Germany “P + F”
 LCD text Controller: China “MEIWA”
 Motor: China “MEIWA”
12. Noise at Work: ≤75DB
13. Environmental conditions: humidity ≤98%, temperature -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

No. Name Type Unit Quantity Unit Price (RMB) total price (yuan)
A winding machine MH-FG-2000B Taiwan 11400014000
1) Equipment EXW to Shanghai.
2) Delivery time: 10 days of signing the contract prepayment credited shipments.
3) Payment: 30% advance contract, full payment before shipment.

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