packaging machinery enterprises

With the domestic horizontal orbital stretch wrapper  and packaging machinery industry, the expanding field of the different needs of the traditional packaging equipment, has been difficult to meet in the field. The other foreign countries especially Europe and America area of research and development of pharmaceutical packaging machinery is also more and more attention. Especially the domestic launch of the certification system related packaging industry, greatly improving the domestic packaging machinery demand, stimulate the development of domestic enterprises of packaging machinery industry.
China horizontal orbital stretch wrapper machinery network as the domestic packaging machinery industry professional service platform, will be effective in packaging machinery enterprises and wrapper enterprises, enterprises and individuals linked to promote the informatization construction of domestic enterprises of packaging machinery industry. In the current development of the industry under the big environment, diversified, with a variety of switching function, can adapt to a variety of packaging materials and packaging machine mould replacement can adapt to market demand.
The next few years, the domestic packaging machinery industry to coincide with the industrial automation trend, in the technical development towards mechanical functional diversification, intelligent, high precision in several directions. Only by constantly improving the technological level of domestic pharmaceutical packaging enterprises, improve the quality of horizontal orbital stretch wrapper packaging machinery and the level of automation and intelligence, the manufacturer is able to better meeting the market demand of advanced social huge.

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