packaging machinery demand in the future

Stretch wrapping machine and packaging machinery demand in the future
With the people’s daily working rhythm accelerate, nutrition and health food of the rich, enhancement of environmental protection consciousness, the future of food and its packaging will also put forward many new requirements. This includes the suit one’s measures to local conditions, vigorously develop the vacuum packaging and aseptic packaging and other new technologies, new products, and make the frozen packaging combination. Focus on the current and future, can 3 confirm the following types of packaging machine is suitable for packaging of food sales outstanding models, and can be called as the leading models have long development history and full of powerful vitality, namely vertical bag (box) horizontal stretch wrapper machine, horizontal bag forming filling sealing (box) forming filling sealing machine, horizontal seam wrapping machine.
Analysis according to group technologyideology, commonality between the three and the many similarities, help to unify the development, also have their own special difference, choose to suit one’s measures to local conditions. Through the comprehensive comparison, column and its main features are as follows:
Packing object — 3 models matched almost Everything is contained therein. (usually with liquid material except), only third limitations.
Packaging materials — all with drum type composite film, which can be put in some occasions second Straw, third can be placed inside the supporting rib and other accessories.
Packaging forms — second more tricks, such as the three side sealing bag, four sides sealing bag, double bag, self-reliance bags, brick type box, roof shaped box; the first second, third less, usually by a pillow shaped bags, some can be made into a cylinder shaped bag, four sides sealing bag etc.. The first kind of bag packing size — the minimum width of 10 mm, bag length can be in a limited range of stepless adjustment; after the two bags and bag length can be defined in a wide range of stepless adjustment, of which third kinds of bag length can reach more than half a meter.
Sealing type — second many new hair comes out, such as the upper end is provided with a tear or rip line flat combination seal, and embedded box sealed, placed in different parts of the cover letter screw and so on; the other two types of monotonous.
Transfer movement — which can realize continuous movement, but also can realize the stepping motion. Structure combination — fully reflect the modular node to, especially the second level layout is more convenient for the configuration of functional modules (such as vacuum, nitrogen), high automation and so on, diversity, universality, multifunction and integration of the greatly strengthened, formed a series of products.
Five, China food and packaging machinery industry development countermeasure
1 scale, collectivize
Concentration of production capacity of enterprises to continue toward large-scale, group development, to the pursuit of economies of scale. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the current capital, technology strength is not strong situation, not the blind introduction of production line, can be used to provide large mechanical parts production mode to.
2 to develop the product export new situation
China food and packaging machinery technology is moderate, cheap, very suitable for developing countries and regions, economic conditions, to these countries and regions export prospects are broad, part of the equipment can also be exported to developed countries.
3 to improve the technology content of products
Without good technology development as the backing of the enterprise, is not possible to walk for a long time. To realize the integration, intelligent mechatronics, to the development of product information, the introduction of new technology, to speed up the progress of enterprise ISO9000 certification. Further enhance the reliability, stability, technical level of equipment. The courage to face reality, actively to change this situation, improve the product development ability, and form their own innovation ability, in order to proceed with determination.
4 to strengthen the development and innovation of new product
Horizontal stretch wrapper and packaging machinery in our country are mostly develops on the foundation on imported equipment, the larger gap with foreign countries or blank products, should actively introduce advanced technology, digestion and absorption, and gradually learn how to comprehensively grasp by. Take learning methods on a certain basis but there is a certain gap with foreign products of the same kind products, strengthening the research of related key technology, core technology, to encourage the development of innovation.
Food packaging machinery 5 development demand
With the expansion of domestic demand and food packaging, increase, export demand at present, the market has the following several kinds of food packaging machinery demand urgently to be developed.
(1) the beer and beverage filling equipment
The expert thinks, beer filling machinery complete sets of equipment should focus on the development of an annual output of 50000 tons of medium-sized equipment and moderate development of annual output of 100000 tons of large equipment. High speed, low loss, accurate measurement, can take care of automatic detection of multiple functions such as automatic equipment, the prospect of. Beverage machinery must adapt to “focus on the production of main agent, dispersed beverage filling” direction of development, technology and equipment deployment of beer, beverage development site.
(2) the production of convenience food horizontal stretch wrapper packaging equipment
In the instant noodles, convenient food processing complete sets of equipment and products demand more and porridge, dumplings, steamed buns and other production machinery as the representative of the large. According to the domestic market survey, people’s demand for convenience foods are following: nutritional value, high-grade products and taste good. Traditional food processing and the elderly, and baby food processing equipment market prospect is equally good, the relevant enterprises should focus on the development of.

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