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Pouches are beneath assault from some in the environmental neighborhood. Eco-Insights blogger Robert Lilienfeld reminds us of the relevance of remaining versatile.

Consider a wander by way of your neighborhood Complete Meals, Sprouts, Vitamin Cottage or Trader Joe’s. What do such earth helpful, nutritious meals as organic and natural gluten-free muffin combine, hemp and chia seeds, golden berries, kale and bean chips, responsibly caught tuna, natural granola, totally free selection rooster and organic and natural infant foodstuff have in frequent?

They’re all coil packaged in versatile pouches.

Yes, those same multi-materials pouches that environmental groups coil packaging Kraft for making use of to package its Capri Sun beverages.

Ironic, isn’t it, that a significant foodstuff producer is offered so significantly grief for packaging that has turn into a staple amongst businesses whose value propositions are based mostly on delivering a hugely educated, affluent and environmentally anxious clientele with healthful, organic and natural, responsibly grown and as a result sustainable foods?

Why would these environmentally sensitive coil packaging businesses use the very same variety of adaptable bagging packaging that Kraft is getting criticized for using? Let’s think about a simple illustration.

I obtained two 5-oz containers of tuna. A single was a metal can with paper stretch wrapper, the other a flexible pouch (foil/LDPE laminate). I emptied the containers (and made tuna salad), cleaned them and weighed them. Then, I gave credit rating for recycling, dependent on the most recent EPA recycling figures: seventy one% for the steel can and % for the pouch. The outcome is web discards, or, a lot more frequently, the things headed to a landfill.

The locating? Even with % recycling, the pouch produced about thirty% much less discards by fat than did the can. So, once you do the math, you can’t blame pouches for making way too a lot waste simply simply because they are not recyclable packaging material. Probably these New Age meals companies are on to some thing!

By the way, the true concern right here isn’t which is the greater steel coil package deal. That is for shoppers to determine, as every single of these containers has its end-user and end-of-life strengths and weaknesses.

The actual concern is no matter whether or not each and every of these containers conserves financial and environmental methods by efficiently protecting the product inside, hence making sure that a hundred% of that item can be consumed as expected.

Ironically, I wager that the answer for both of these deals is “yes.”

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Robert (Bob) Lilienfeld has been included with the concept of sustainable packaging for much more than twenty years. He is at present editor of The ULS (Use Less Things) Report, a advertising and marketing and communications advisor to AMERIPEN and other corporations, and is a professional photographer.

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