Packaging machine and food industry

Now, the biggest problem in the food industry and food packaging machinery industry is the enterprise product development innovation. It is insufficient, not in the new technology, the new material application in Europe and America with large and high technology content of the equipment. So without the ability of processing or processed technology of precision is not enough.
From the user perspective, many food enterprises lack of awareness of the overall technological level of food processing machinery and equipment, only pay attention to prices, leading to low grade products than the major, disguised hindered food machinery of the upgrading and innovation, lack of food researchers including product design R & D personnel and University researchers, food processing and mechanical properties of technology to master most only stay in the theoretical level.
Most of our production enterprises small in scale, do not coordinate between enterprises, not a clear division of labor, no mutual exchanges and cooperation in scientific research and technology, its power is weak, the majority of products is affiliated facilities simple mechanical or foreign machinery and equipment supporting the. Because of the intellectual property rights market irregularities, malignant competition among enterprises, not only caused a bad influence to the enterprise, but also hindered the further development of the industry.
From the domestic economic environment, affected by the domestic economic slowdown, the continued appreciation of the renminbi and international market recovery is slow and so on many kinds of factors, last year the national foreign export of electromechanical products have been seriously affected, only 1% growth. But the structure of export products produced bigger change, high technology content, high added value products still maintain a rapid growth. In the domestic market, the traditional products, low value-added products competition intensifies day by day, the product profit rate is decreasing year by year, and the new equipment, high-end equipment has greatly increased production and sales, benefit. Last year, the province’s heavy industry proportion is 32: 68, wherein, raw materials, equipment, consumer goods accounted for 43.6%, 29.5%, 26.9%. This emphasis on the industrial structure of Shandong industry, determines the high energy consumption, energy saving and emission reduction of high pressure, high dependence on foreign energy, resource, sustainable development pressure. To solve these contradictions, to speed up the development of packaging machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is an important way to have no choice.
Currently, the domestic market demand for low-end food machinery will tend to shrink, the traditional type of equipment of the demand will decrease. The product requirements gradually become mainly concentrated in the mechanical appearance, structure design, the application fields expand, improve reliability etc.. Therefore, the domestic food machinery enterprises should shift the focus, the low-end market in a solid at the same time. Do work further toward the high-end food packaging machinery equipment transfer, pushing the overall technical content high China’s high-end food machinery and technology level.

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