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Recently, Chengdu a packaging machine and equipment companies developing new chocolate pouring machine. It using delta automation control system solutions, optimize production process, improve production efficiency, and the system operation simple debugging, satisfied the customer’s demand, so the enterprises decide to continue to work together to further development of delta, more.
Chocolate pouring machine, including chocolate liquid injection, automatic stretch wrapping machine, baking and air drying the core process. The development of new customers want chocolate pouring machine, used for high-end brand of chocolate production. In order to ensure the quality and unique taste of chocolate, control of customer requirements of the equipment of each procedure time, mode of motion, strength and accuracy is very high. Delta team according to user needs, provide including the scheme of control system composed of three axis motion controller DVP20PM00M series, 10 inch human-machine interface DOP-B series, ASDA-B2 series servo drives and single axis positioning module and other products into the market and achieved good results.
Among them, delta motion control host DVP20PM00M three axis interpolation positioning control host, has RS485 communication interface, can realize 3 axis spiral interpolation, linear interpolation, 3 axis 2 axis linear interpolation, the multi speed execution and interrupt positioning function, can realize smooth movement and accurate positioning, unique after cutting function you can control the pouring the car track grinder speed, precision injection liquid chocolate. In addition, DELTA servo driver ASDA-B2 and its collocation, can complete the high precision positioning response high control performance of the frequency response bandwidth is 550Hz, the speed command setting time can reach below 1ms, can realize the fast reaction chocolate pouring in, the high accuracy requirement of easy. Also, delta human-computer interface, human friendly, the operation is simple, the process parameters can be set by user different product formulations function, and can monitor the running conditions of equipment. Delta debugging of control system is simple, high degree of automation, perfect after-sales service, so that customers very satisfied.
This new type of chocolate pouring and packaging  machine into the market, a warm response, obtained several brands of food manufacturing enterprise order, make customer confidence, has also launched four with delta control system as the core of the food manufacturing equipment, and decided to continue with delta jointly develop new field. Delta will and customers to bring more ideas for food packaging equipment industry!

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