packaging exhibitors and exhibition report

Zhejiang Province is printing packaging industrial developed provinces, output ranked national forefront, printing packaging industrial in Zhejiang economy in the occupies is big proportions, has became Zhejiang Province of pillar industry is one of, Zhejiang printing packaging industry categories complete integrated strength strong, province existing various printing packaging enterprise 20,000 over, printing gross near billions of Yuan, number, and output, and tax are home national second, accounted for national one-eighth strong, printing packaging industry has became province important industry, many transnational Enterprise giant of Asia-Pacific Center, and Global purchasing Center have moved eastward into Zhejiang, and bring global packaging printing business has great potential.
Hangzhou as “the province with printing and packaging”, the capital city, is an important regional center in Yangtze River Delta city wide competitive, as the Asian packaging Center, CPMC headquarters located in Hangzhou has been further enhanced the status of the printing and packaging industry in Hangzhou. Along with the rapid development of Zhejiang’s industrial economy, Hangzhou, printing and packaging industry has maintained a strong momentum of development.
Published by the printing Association of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province printing materials Corporation, packaging and printing industry association of Zhejiang Province, jointly organised Hangzhou promise exhibition, Ltd hosted this exhibition will promote the development of printing industry of Zhejiang Province, welcomed the new and old friends actively participated.
On May 5, 2015-6th (9:00-17:00) exhibitors and exhibition report
Opening ceremony of the exhibition on May 7, 2015, at 9:00
On May 7, 2015-May 9 (9:00-16:30) merchants trade negotiations
Closing of the exhibition on the afternoon of May 9, 2015, exhibitor dismantle
Exhibition content
Prepress equipment
Proofer, plate, grilled version machine, punching machine, machines, scanners, output, engraver, printer, imagesetter, CTP systems, printing systems, colour cards, etc
Printing machinery and equipment
Digital printing machine, label printing machine, rotary presses, monochrome offset, double-color offset printing press, flexographic printing machine, label printing machine gravure printing machines, printing machines, special machines
Labels, flexo gravure printing, silk screen printing and packaging, special printing, functional
Label, and trademark printing mechanical equipment, screen and the special printing technology equipment, and sedan technology, not dry glue printing equipment and the supplies, soft printed concave printed version engraving technology equipment, soft printed concave printed mechanical equipment, function sex printing packaging technology equipment, soft packaging printing mechanical equipment, security technology equipment, bronzing machine, and RF recognition label technology equipment, IC card, and notes printing equipment, detection instrument equipment, related material, and ink, and supplies

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