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The new wrapping machine industrial server from Beckhoff signifies one of the most effective controllers at any time to reach the industrial market place. The immense computing electric power within just the C6670 sequence can be most proficiently used when just about every person core is successfully leveraged with the TwinCAT automation computer software platform from Beckhoff.

A long time of prosperous applications in the subject have demonstrated that centralized handle system architectures have a lot of positive aspects above distributed methodologies. Modern day generation strains and substantial-overall performance, standalone devices integrate ever escalating operation with ever shorter cycle times, demanding increasingly powerful, central manage methods.

The Beckhoff “many-core control” idea signifies that in addition to a machine’s control capabilities – PLC, movement, robotics, and CNC – additional functions these kinds of as sophisticated measurement technologies, issue checking, and visualization are all integrated into a single highly effective software package bundle, TwinCAT, and executed on one particular highly effective Personal computer-centered controller. With TwinCAT it is feasible to optimally employ all accessible processor cores by intelligently distributing personal manage jobs amongst them.

The C6670 is the 1st industrial server supplied from Beckhoff Automation. In addition to computationally-intense management technological innovation, the C6670 can also be applied, for instance, in sophisticated apps these kinds of as remarkably articulated robotics and sophisticated picture processing. Intended for regulate cabinet set up, the C6670 server incorporates two Intel Xeon processors, just about every with 6, twelve, or eighteen cores, functioning collectively on a motherboard with two Gigabit Ethernet controllers and a effective graphics card. Aside from the huge overall performance amounts shipped by up to 2 TB DDR4 RAM, there are four PCIe x16 Gen III slots, one particular PCIe Gen III x 8 slot and a single PCIe Gen II x 4 slot for many interface cards and utmost adaptability.

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