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The Fhopepack has announced that the Procter & Gamble Co. has joined the Flexible Movie Recycling Group (FFRG), a self-funded group that ACC claims is driving unprecedented development in the recovery of flexible polyethylene movie, wraps, and baggage.

“Optimizing and recovering packaging is a key component of our sustainability mission at P&G,” claims Stephen Sikra, P&G Research and Advancement Manager. “Our intention is to minimize our environmental footprint as a business and that of the consumers who choose our items. Working with the Fhopepack stretch wrapper and our value chain associates to expand movie selection and recycling is a targeted precedence as we perform toward that objective.”

States Shari Jackson, Director of fhopepack, “We’re incredibly pleased to be functioning with P&G. Nationwide initiatives to educate customers about the recyclability of luggage and wraps are presently having to pay off, and having P&G on board will assist lengthen our attain even additional.”

The recycling of postconsumer plastic film surged 116 million pounds, or 11%, in 2013 to achieve a documented one.14 billion lbs, according to a recent report. This marks the maximum annual selection of plastic film—a class that includes product wraps, baggage, and commercial stretch movie created primarily from PE for recycling, because the survey commenced in 2005.

Via its partnership initiatives, Fhope stretch wrapper has supported the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s (SPC) retailer fall-off label for plastic film packaging and has helped to set up film recycling pilot programs close to the country. In addition, FFRG is partnering with SPC and the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers on the Wrap Action Recycling Plan, or WRAP, which tends to make it easier for condition and municipal governments, manufacturers, and stores to boost recognition of opportunities to recycle utilized PE wraps at neighborhood retailers.


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