Package Stretch Wrapping Machine andhorizontal stretch wrapper

Package Stretch Wrapping Machine is actually a simple and convenient device to wrap carton boxes and objects of comparable geometry making use of in stretch film. Stretch Wrapped Defense could be presented to little & medium-sized physical objects stuffed in carton cans, boxes, drums and tins etc. This machine can be easily integrated into conveyor outlines. Industries developing Goods like Pc monitors, Home-based pumps, Electrical & Electronic Items, Engineering things, Aesthetic products, Consumer items and so on., have to package large amount of their beneficial products saved in Carton Containers everyday.

This straightforward to use, dinner table-top version machine consists of a mechanized adjustable velocity Turn Desk, so the proprietor can easily stand up near to the stretch and machine wrap the carton boxes / products rapidly. The ‘powered pre-stretch’ model expands the LLDPE stretch cling film upto 300%, to be able to protect these products ingesting least number of stretch film. This contributes to really low packing expense. About 120 Bins each hour can be simply stretch covered using this machine.

We provide a myriad of Semi Automatic L- Type Closing Equipment.


Built with protection protection & alert, heavy-duty closing kitchen knives, no develop-up & light up even though sealings

Simple functioning & adjustment

Substantial efficiency for labor expense saving

Added pinch roller guideline for much better film management and conserving

PLC handle system with 2 software, length handled by either image view or times


Broadly used by theelectronics and food, stationery toys, fruit salted metalwares, pharmaceuticals, materials, clothing, tools and cosmetic day-to-day-use products, electronical etc, appliances and bambooware Industries for shrink packing purposes

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