package material and filling

Tong lixing said, reporting periods, the company’s main packaging and filling customer orders are not saturated, output and sales fell. Coupled with rising labor costs, materials price increases, fixed cost increases affected gross sales dropped significantly, resulted in a net loss of profits.

Tong lixing main customer base, due to significant reduction in orders, new national brand customer orders an incremental decline eased some of the main customer orders, but could not make up for the loss of orders for the main customer base projected fourth-quarter package material and filling orders and no obvious improvement, affect the company’s production and sales plans to achieve. Company also expects fourth-quarter labor costs, depreciation costs, raw material price remains at a high level, and other factors continue to influence, fixed cost allocation difficulties, packaging and filling the sales decline in gross profit margin of the company. It is expected in 2014-range 18.3214 million to 6.1071 million yuan in net profit. Net profit of 61.0713 million dollars in the same period a year earlier.


Deep petrochemical company formerly known as Star Cruises limited, years dedicated to the packaging machine manufacture and sale of high-grade plastic packaging for cosmetics, as well as supporting the research and development of mold. As the first in the country’s most advanced packaging equipment, product quality is the best five-layer composite plastic hose production enterprises, the company’s core product cosmetic plastic composite tube production and market share among the forefront of the national manufacturers of similar products, now has become a leader in cosmetic plastic packaging industry segments. Companies, including Procter and Gamble, Unilever, l ‘ Oréal, the world’s leading cosmetics and food manufacturers to establish a long-term and stable relationship of cooperation, and even became a global supplier, and has been awarded the Procter “business partner of the year award for” Avon “Avon suppliers of supply chain strategic partnership in China” and “product quality inspection” and other honors.

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