package and quality bagging

Together with the top dynamics (resonant frequency and stiffness) associated with a other comparable stage in size and travel, end users can achieve better throughput in exacting operations. A variety of trips (100 μm to 600 μm), opinions options, and vacuum versions improve the exceptional flexibility of the period range.

High Quality inside a Small Deal

QNP piezo levels are carefully guided by precision flexures which can be improved employing finite element assessment. The resulting style gives exceptional rigidity and resonant volume (approximately 885 Hz) permitting high approach throughput and quickly shut down-loop reply. In addition, the incorporated XY package deal decreases period pile level and transferring mass, contributing to excellent fixed and powerful multiple-axis functionality.

Substantial-Quality and Positioning Accuracy and reliability

All QNP piezo stages supply recommended shut down-loop feedback utilizing a special capacitive sensing unit layout for sub-nanometer solution and high linearity. The capacitive detectors appraise the production of the positioning carriage straight, enabling outstanding reliability and repeatability.

Ultra-Preciseness Control

When in conjunction with Aerotech’s Q-series drives and controllers, QNP piezo stages illustrate sub-nanometer positioning quality and then in-situation steadiness (jitter), and-positioning data transfer rate. Application options including Aerotech’s Powerful Regulates Toolbox and Movements Fashionable packages give numerous innovative yet straightforward-to-use tools including Discovering Control, Harmonic Cancellation, and Control Shaping, providing improved tracking errors and quicker stage-and-resolve occasions.

Design and style Versatility

Aerotech’s QNP piezo stages are offered with capacitance sensing unit responses or with out opinions (open up-loop). Absolute positioning accuracy and repeatability are not required, although open-loop provides a cost-effective option for applications where compact size, high-dynamics, and sub-nanometer positioning resolution are required. Wide open-loop designs may also be used where the piezo placement is operated with an exterior responses provider (interferometer, vision process, photodetector, and so forth.).

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