overhead rotating kind horizontal wrapping machine


wherein more, explained major system section comprising stated at the very least bottom part wall fellow member, stated couple of complete opposite lateral aspect people, and said kind of stress members, consists of a 1-piece page aluminum structure foldably formed coming from a page steel blank in an attempt to define stated no less than base wall surface fellow member, mentioned pair of reverse lateral aspect people, and said couple of stress people.

18. The combination as set forth in claim 17, in which:

mentioned main body portion features a geometrical go across-sectional setup.

19. The mixture as set forth in assert 18, wherein:

stated geometrical go across-sectional settings of said major system section makes up a considerably elongated octagon.

20. The mix as established in state 19, where:

explained octagonally configured major system section includes a underside wall structure, reduced lateral sides integrally associated with opposite sides of explained bottom wall structure, up and down concentrated ends integrally attached respectively to stated reduce lateral sides, and higher lateral sides integrally linked to said vertically oriented aspects.

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