orbital stretch wrapping machine for sheet, plastic board


appreciate both the wider rollers as well as the palletized goods.

Also, since your lead time is only 45 days and you have been most accommodating with our requests, I advised my staff to send you the full payment. This was done yesterday, so you should have received it by now – please check.

door orbital stretch wrapper
Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper
After roughly review the documents of “commercial terms and condition”,generally we have two major proposals, for CPBG and payment.
Please check attached file in excel format.
Since there’re too much contents in the documents,we still need to review carefully and discuss with our team which takes time.
We will have “labor day” holidays from May 1st-4th,thus I will reply to you after then.
Please allow us more time on it.
The final offer for both the supply and the supervision service is attached.
For the “ITP” mentioned below,please kindly explain what this it,and do you have a format for that?
This and “QAP” will also be provided after April 4th.
Attached you will find the quotation of the automatic strapping & orbital wrapping machine as request.
The estimated lead time of this automatic line is 50-60 days. We will custom design and manufacture the machine for you. And we also provide the installation guide, commissioning & start up, training service for you if needed.
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