orbital stretch wrapping machine and coil wrapper

door orbital stretch wrapper
Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper

Please can you send us the technical explanation of the reason why we have to use a different solution for wire coils with a width more than 900mm? I would like to know this in order to explain to the customer why they have to use one solution or another.

Also I would like to have a video for both solutions and also the drawings of both solutions.

Also I will appreciate if you told me which will be the distance between the wrapping machine and the system to cover the head and the tail. In the case the distance can be adjusted by our requirement which will be the minimum distance we can use between both systems (orbital stretch wrapping machine and system to cover head and tail) in both type of solutions.

stretch film and HDPE film for coil packaging

Please check the attetchment.

Size changing as note can be free. only Max. loading 4.5 T cost $500.

We also got a definition of some packing material– see below – is it useable on the packing machine?

—Yes, all size are ok

Also would you please send us some references to deliveries of your machine either to Bekaert or to other plants?

— To TATA wire India, SIW Thailand, Maklada Tunisia, GCR Italy,DEACERO USA…

Another question is if you have any experience if the strand is warm (50°C for example), if it can be packed immediatelly – risk for condensation or corrosion?

—Paper, Knit belt, HDPE film are no problem.

Last question is whether such a wire coil packing machine can also pack PC wire coils (OD 2000mm, width 250mm) or this is done usually on different machine?

There are two type machines for OD2000

a. Horizontal

b. Vertical

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