orbital stretch wrapper for panel, fance and profile

Aluminum profile packing machine
Aluminum packing machine



Yes the thickness of the polythene must be 2,5mm.

We do not have the thickness of the blue foil stretch film. This material should be to avoid the corrosion.

I attach two pictures, each one for the corresponding material.



Yes, it is possible. But, could you please check with the customer taking into account 600-800/850mm wide (Ring diameter 1700mm)? It will be much better for packing these coils. If the end user can not accept 600-800/850mm wide, we will adopt 1900mm diameter of ring.

Ok, we have to take into account that the max. width is 900mm but in the next line you mention that it could be possible to wrap with a width of 950mm. Is it possible? Please confirm.

The master wrapping machine you offer us can work with two different materials at the same time?

Orbital stetch wrapper for wire mash
Orbital stretch wrapper for wire mash

I understand that it would be better is the width of the coil is 600-800mm but can your panel&door wrapping machine wrap coils with a width from 400mm to 1000mm (In OR the width range can vary from 400mm to 900mm and in KR project the width of the coils is 1000mm in all of them)? Because I cannot offer this stretch wrapper system to the customer if I am not sure that the system can wrap with two different materials the wire coil with those dimensions.

Regarding the cycle time, you mean that in KR project the cycle time for a wire coil with maximum dimensions (W:1000mm ID: 500mm OD:900) is 50 seconds? Please confirm.

In OR project the cycle time for a wire coil with maximum dimensions (W: 900mm ID: 600mm OD: 1000mm) is 55 seconds? Please confirm.

Will you have any problem to pass through the inner diameter of the coil both materials with a minimum ID of 350mm?

Regarding the trolley you have offered, is included in the offer the displacement of the trolley as well as the rotation system of the rollers and the support for the wire coil?

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