Orbital stretch wrapper for hose, tyre, motor tray package

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile
Following are email reply about how to wrap hose, tyre, tray by orbital stretch wrapper.
Reply of machine best price, delivery period of your email sent to you on last Satuday, have you received it?
After simulating your pipe coils’ packing effect by our engineer yesterday, the work ring will be easy collision with coil inner with regular design.
For regular pipe coil, hose, tyre package, min ID is 200mm. But your corrugated pipe coil ID is only 125mm. So there are some technical problem need to
solved for orbital wrapping.
In order to solve this techical problem of the orbital wrapper, we should open a new work ring mould and make a special design for it. Except this, the max film roll width can be used is 50mm,
max film roll OD is 70mm. In this case, for coils’ package, it needs to change packing film roll frequently. It is not economic.
Last time, the price i quoted you is with regular design. After complete considering your pipe coils’ specification and packing effect,
we need to make a special machine for you, best price of it is USD12, 580/set.
There is another kind of horizontal entire pipe coil wrapping machine maybe suitable for you, it is lower than orbital pipe coil wrapping machine. The pipe coil is full packed with this machine.
Attachment is the video of horizontal entire pipe coil orbital wrapping machine operation. If needed, quotation of this machine will be sent for you reference.
Any question, pls feel free to let me know.
orbital stretch wrapper for motor
orbital stretch wrapper for motor and gear
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