orbital stretch wrapper for coil

Automatic coiler for hose and pipe
Automatic coiler for hose and pipe
This is Steel Strips Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, We are importers and metal processing company.
We are looking for Steel Strips wrapping machine for following details.
Thickness : 0.20-3.00
Width : 10mm – 80mm
ID – 300 – 500mm
OD – 500 – 1300mm
Weight : 300 kgs max
We look forward for your reply.

My name is Albi , I am an import manager of Russian company .

We are interested in buying coil wrapping machine with the following requirements

  1. Coil weight 20- 150кг
  2. Coils’ sizes:

1st type

– outer diameter -700-750mm;

– inner diameter – 500-520mm;

– width 200 – 500mm.

2nd type

– outer diameter – 500- 520mm;

– inner diameter – 340- 350mm;

– width 300 – 500mm.

3. Manual loading and unloading of a coil

Will be glad to receive you quotation of a machine which could suit our requirements.


Orbital stretch wrapper for your panel and wooden packaging.

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