Orbital stretch wrapper for aluminum tube and staniless tube

Orbital stretch wrapper for aluminum tube
Orbital stretch wrapper for aluminum tube

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Technical Specifications of Melting & Holding Furnaces
 Capacity between 15 -100 MT Melting and Holding furnaces
 For aluminum and aluminum alloy melting & holding
 Fuel: heavy oil, natural gas, electricity
 Regenerative burner
 EMS (Electromagnetic Stirrer) to improve melting rate and reduce the dross
 Porous plugs (RHI) for degassing.
 Dust collector to reduce environment pollution.



Annealing T are supplied for aluminum coil heat treatment processes. These heat treatment processes are done in controlled temperature and atmosphere environment. Indirect heating is done in the furnace by heated radial tubes. Recuperative burners are employed for heating radial tubes. Circulation fans distribute the temperature in the furnace uniformly and increases convection heat transfer coefficient. Turbulence flow is introduced at the sections where the aluminum coils are placed. These type furnaces have special charging cars again operating between different furnaces lined up.

Orbital stretch wrapper for aluminum tube

Technical Specifications of Annealing Furnaces
 Annealing furnace for aluminium coil and slab
 Annealing furnace for aluminum foil
 Protective gas annealing furnace for aluminum coil
 Type: inert gas protection, negative pressure degrease
 Fuel: electricity, natural gas
 High precision temperature constancy

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