orbital stretch wrapper electric component list


orbital stretch wrapper for motor and gear
orbital stretch wrapper for motor,pump and gear

Orbital stretch wrapper: http://www.fhopepack.com/Horizontal_wrapping_machine.html


Following is the electric component list of the orbital stretch wrapper which is show you the machine in production.

Name Name Type Quantity  Manufactor
3 VFD1 Convertor VFD15M21A  1.5KW 1 pcs Delta
4 VFD2 convertor VFD004M21A  0.4KW 1 pcs Delta
5 MPI cable 6ES7 901-0BF00-0AA0 1 pcs
6 LBQ Power supply filter DL-1D31 1 pcs Jianli
7 BMQ encoder E6B2-CWZ6C  2m 1 pcs Omron
8 QS1 Limit switch ME-8108 1 pcs MOUJEN
9 SQ1、SQ2 Proximate switch PR18-8DN 2 pcs Autonics
10 PD Switch S-50-24 DC24V 1 pcs Omron
11 QF MCB C65N 3P D20A 1 pcs Schneider
12 FU Fuse protector RT18-32-1P 1 pcs Leqing
13 FU Core RT14-20-6A 1 pcs Leqing
14 QS universal selector GLD11-25A 1 pcs Leqing
15 SB0 Scram bottom ZB2-BS54C 1 pcs Schneider
16 HL1~3 Single lighting LTA-205T 1 pcs Leqing
17 KA1 intermediate relay MY2NJ DC24V+PYF08A-E+PYC-A1 1 pcs Omron
18 Air fan DP-12025AT 4 pcs SUNNON



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