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ORBITAL Stretch WRAPPER Corporation, a leading maker of drum, pail, intermediate bulk pallet container and bag-in-box liners and versatile packaging, has passed a foods basic safety audit for 1 of North America’s biggest consumer packaged foodstuff and beverage businesses. ORBITAL Extend WRAPPER declined to identify the business.

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An auditor from Excellent Assured Alternatives was contracted to perform a foods security audit on ORBITAL Stretch WRAPPER’s flexible packaging division. The foods security audit evaluates quite a few elements of compliance with regard to food items protection, sanitary working conditions, worker teaching and the right handling of meals products and packaging. ORBITAL Extend WRAPPER’s adaptable packaging division passed the foodstuff safety audit with a rating of 88.one out of one hundred. With this rating, ORBITAL Extend WRAPPER has been accepted to offer IBC liners to this extremely regarded international meals processor.

Through the 16-hour audit, the flexible packaging division showed that several foodstuff security goods had been already in area, there is an energetic GMP system in position and there is a functioning copy of a HACCP prepare. The audit was centered on the customer’s supplier expectation guide. The guide is the standard and the provider is assessed against the standard.
“We have been functioning on numerous of the GSFI needs as we get closer to our greatest target of SQF Degree two Certification in 2016. It was reassuring to have a effectively-highly regarded 3rd celebration auditor confirm we are on the right keep track of,” suggests Tom McCarthy, flexible packaging basic supervisor.

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