one of many cases to feed the wrapping paper for coil master packing machine

A rotary switch 27, displayed in FIG. 3, is organized being rotated in reaction towards the rotation of explained functioning shaft from the packing machine. Stationary supplies contacts 27a of rotary change 27 are respectively associated with switches 21 to ensure electric motor 18 and electromagnet 26 are energized by means of one of many switches 21 related to the determined sort of coil. Then securing pub 25 is withdrawn from opening 24 of rotary disc 3, whilst simultaneously the rotary disc is rotated by electric motor 18 through a driving a car roller 19. While not proven from the drawing, changes 21 can also be linked to light initial lights that show the type of coil picked. Its shaft 2 will rotate cam to sequentially operate switches 21, as rotary disc 3 rotates. Every time a certain switch 21 that has been chosen according to the selected sort of coil to energize motor 18, and electromagnet 26 is established by a corresponding actuating part 23 of cam 20, engine 18 and electromagnet 26 are deenergized to cause sealing bar to take part a picked among openings 24, hence halting the rotation of rotary disc 3. Then the certain coil in the wrapping paper corresponding on the determined kind of coil will likely be located near to a packing device (not demonstrated).

Every time a predetermined number of measured and successively supplied and piled up coils will be in the packing system in the machine, an electromagnet (not demonstrated) is managed to draw in handle 13 gotten in annular groove 12 of clutch system participant 10 to maneuver it upwardly to interact with clutch system associate 9. Considering that clutch fellow member 10 is commonly pushed by motor unit 16, coupling in between clutch system members 9 and 10 leads to a driving a car roller 6 for a particular wrapping papers 4 for that selected kind of coil to get pushed. Therefore, the traveling curler 6 cooperates with pinch curler 7 to provide the world wide web of wrapping papers 4 on the periphery of your piled coils. Right now when wrapping pieces of paper 4 is twisted round the pile of coils, a anxiety is suddenly put on the wrapping papers so the pieces of paper will probably be cut in a predetermined length by slicing knife 17. After having a predetermined time period of wrapping document 4 is sent out, engine 16 is discontinued. Lower and upper edges of your paper wrapped around the stacked coils as a tube are folded by said folding levers, hence finishing the packing operations.

In the approach, responding to your selection of the kind of the coils to become bundled, rotary swap 27 is managed in order to connect one of several changes 21 corresponding for the selected sort to 1 area of any electronic supply, and when this move is shut, motor unit 18 and electromagnet 26 are stimulated to function locking pub 25 and electric motor 18, wherein rotary disc 3 is rotated to bring a selected coil of wrapping pieces of paper 4 reinforced thereon and corresponding on the chosen form of coil on the working situation wherein the document is supplied on the packing device as over described. At the same time therewith, clutch people 9 and 10 are coupled with each other to provide the chosen wrapping document on the packing system.

FIG. 4 demonstrates a changed agreement for running switches 21. In this particular changes, rather than camera 20 attached to the shaft 2 from the rotary disc 3, a plurality of swap actuators 23a, in the form of round-head screws, by way of example, are protected about the reduced area of rotary disc 3 at diverse radial distances from the axis of rotation thereof. In the issue demonstrated in FIG. 4, right-hand move 21, is kept shut down to stimulate electromagnet or solenoid 26 and disc traveling motor unit 18. However, when rotary disc 3 rotates to a position to bring the selected coil of the wrapping paper to the operating position, said switch 21 will be opened by the cooperating switch actuator 23a to deenergize motor 18 and electromagnet 26.

Thus, according to this invention, whenever the coil packing mechanism is operated to select any desired type of coil, a wrapping paper suitable for said selected type is automatically selected and fed to the packing mechanism, thus improving the packing efiiciency as compared with the conventional packing machine wherein each time the type of the coils is changed from one to another, it was necessary to select a coil of wrapping paper suitable for the selected type and to mount said coil on the packing machine. Further, the positioning of the rotary disc supporting coils of wrapping papers can be effected accurately by the rotary disc driving motor controlled by a rotary switch responsive to the selection of the type of coil and a plurality of switches arranged to be selectively operated according to the rotation of the rotary disc. As a result, the selected coil of your wrapping document supported in the rotary disc is immediately brought in the operating situation which is then favorably delivered to the packing mechanism from the traveling roll, which can be driven via a coupling clutch.

Whilst in the foregoing embodiments, the rotary disc adjusted to assist coils of wrapping papers was proven being a horizontal rotary disc, it will likely be apparent how the rotary disc could be placed in a vertical or keen placement with regards to the packing process. Alternatively, a reciprocating wrapping papers holder might be substituted for your rotary disc.

In the foregoing description the invention is shown and described in terms of favored embodiments, it will likely be crystal clear to 1 qualified in the craft that numerous modifications and alterations can be created without having departing from your extent in the invention as identified from the appended boasts.

What exactly is professed is:

1. According to the selected type of the coils, said electrical means including a switch having stationary contacts for selecting the type of coils, and a plurality of switches each connected to the respective stationary contacts of said switch and actuated by rotation of said rotary disc, and motive power means for driving the rotary disc controlled by said switch and said plurality of switches, a wrapping paper supply device for a coil packing machine–coilmaster having a coil packing mechanism, comprising a rotary disc, a plurality of holders carried by said disc for supporting rolls of wrapping papers of different types corresponding to various types of coils to be packed, means at one side of each of the holders for feeding the wrapping paper to the coil packing mechanism, electrical means for automatically selecting one of the holders.

2. The wrapping papers offer gadget as reported in claim 1 by which said owners are uniformly spaced over the circumference from the disc and attached to 1 top of the disc, and explained path for serving the wrapping papers together with a plurality of couples all of a driving a vehicle roller along with a crunch curler, each of mentioned couples being of the specific among stated owners for providing the wrapping paper, along with a clutch system device interlocked using the packing system for driving a car stated driving a car roller when explained chosen one among explained coils actually reaches the working situation.

3. By said motive power means, the wrapping paper supply device as claimed in claim 1 in which said rotary disc is provided with an electrically operated locking device concurrently energized and deenergized.

4. The wrapping papers source system as professed in declare 3 where stated sealing system is provided with a plurality of availabilities for each form of coil equally spread out down the circumference of mentioned disc, along with a securing nightclub selectively engageable using one of said availabilities.

5. The wrapping paper supply device as stated in declare 3 by which said locking device incorporates a plurality of change actuating implies secured in one aspect surface area of stated disc of various radial distance in the axis of rotation thereof for closing and opening explained plurality of changes on rotation of mentioned rotary disc.

6. A wrapping paper supply device for a coil packing machine–coilmaster having a coil packing mechanism, comprising, in combination, a plurality of holders, each holder being adapted to hold respective ones of the coils of wrapping papers of diflerent types corresponding to various types of coils to be packed, a transfer means for transferring a coil of a wrapping paper corresponding to the coils to be wrapped to a wrapping paper feeding position adapted to feed the paper into the coil packing mechanism, said transfer means supporting said holders, means to select one of the coils of wrapping papers according to the selected types of the coils, and means to feed the wrapping paper of a selected coil transferred to the wrapper paper feeding position to the coil packing mechanism.

7. The wrapping document supply product as stated in declare 6 such as a cutter with the placement corresponding to each and every wrapping coil and helping to slice quickly the wrapping document into a predetermined span after wrapping of your stack of coils with the pieces of paper.

8. The wrapping document provide system as stated in declare 6 through which stated shift signifies incorporates a rotary disc, an electric motor unit driving a vehicle the rotary disc, mentioned motor bein operated with a rotary swap run according to your selection of the sort of coils, and move implies run from the rotation in the rotary move.

9. The wrapping document supply product as reported in state 8 wherein the rotary disc bears the owners in circumferentially spread out relation and a plurality of pairs of rollers, each made up of a driving a car curler along with a crunch curler, each one of said pairs simply being connected with a individual one of many owners to give the wrapping pieces of paper maintained and thus, and a clutch system interlocked together with the packin mechanism for driving a vehicle the driving a car roller when mentioned picked one of explained coils reaches the wrapping pieces of paper serving place.

10. The wrapping pieces of paper supply device as stated in state 8 by which said rotary disc is supplied having an eleo trically run securing system concurrently motivated and deenergized from the motor unit.

References Reported The subsequent referrals, cited through the Examiner, are of history from the branded file of the patent or even the initial patent.

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