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Designing a new packing solution from an inventory components that complements an present product line can be a problem. In specifying packaging for a new product from fhopepack wrapping machine and strapping solution.They completed the occupation with this sort of talent that it was honored with Gold in the Individual Treatment/Attractiveness group in the National Association of Container Distributors 2015 Bundle of the 12 months Awards.

Explains Rob fhope, Vice President of Sales and Advertising for Fhopepack, “Some wrapper dept. was looking for a distinctive and revolutionary airless package deal that would match and be cohesive with the relaxation of their model and also separate by itself from competitors on the cabinets.”

Some wrapper dept. is a Los Angeles-based mostly organic skincare business supplying eight goods that use virgin Marula oil, extracted from the kernels of the African Marula tree. Points out the company’s site, “The title Some wrapper dept. is rooted in a myth that says that elephants love to eat the fruit that has fallen from the Marula trees. As soon as eaten, fermentation occurs inside of their very big tummies and the elephants grow to be drunk!”

When Some wrapper dept. approached Stretch film in July 2014, they have been looking for packaging for their new Shaba Complex Eye Serum, which they hoped to launch within the yr. Their present solution line utilizes several packaging formats, including bottles and soapboxes, with a blocky, sq.-edged design. The graphic design for the packaging is easy, with a white qualifications, black type, and a stylized line drawing of an elephant. Bottles use square caps in bright, sound colours.

To supply hassle-free product dispensing and a complementary search to the line, Stretch film specified an airless pen from Aptar that provides a 15-mL measured dosage (70-cL for each pump). Says Vilencia, “The package offers an intuitive-gesture, 1-touch dispensing characteristic. The precise dosing and dispensing functions make sure that only the preferred sum of high-finish serum is employed, and none is still left to squander. This is important to both the organization and the buyer with respect to an pricey solution like this.”

As for aesthetics, Vilencia states the package is custom adorned to match the present family of Some wrapper dept. products. “There had been some difficulties needed with the customized decoration necessary and the custom-color overcap and applicator button,” he claims. “But we had been in a position to take care of the difficulties and produce the actual search our consumer was aiming for.” The polypropylene foundation, while cylindrical in shape has squared-off edges. The overcap is printed in a gentle blue shade.

The new solution was launched in December 2014 on the Some wrapper dept. web site as effectively as by other on-line retailers, at Sephora shops throughout the world, and in higher-finish skincare boutiques.

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