new horizontal stretch wrapper technology

The adoption of new  horizontal stretch wrapper technology: the packaging method, use of a large number of inflatable packaging to replace the vacuum packaging, the pneumatic components, packaging materials and inflatable packaging machine three aspects closely together; in the control technology, more and more application of computer technology and microelectronics technology; in the sealing surface, the application of heat pipe and cold seal technology will be advanced; the device is directly installed in the vacuum packaging machine, such as installation of coarse grained combined balance of high-precision computer control; rotating or vacuum packaging machine, the application of advanced high-speed circular arc surface cam indexing machinery etc.. International Mould and hardware plastic industry suppliers association secretary general Luo Baihui said, plastic vacuum packaging increasingly extensive application, promoted the development of plastic vacuum packaging machine, also put forward higher requirements for its, all of these new technologies, will enable the vacuum packaging machine more efficient and intelligent.
Multi function 3, single: realize multiple functions on a single horizontal stretch wrapper machine, can easily expand range of use.
Multifunction stand-alone is modular design to completion. Through the transformation and combination of different functional modules, apply to the production of packaging materials of different packaging materials, export, vacuum packaging machine packaging requirements.
Representative products of multi station bag vacuum packaging machine Hesser factory production belongs to the German  horizontal stretch wrapper company Bosch, can set a variety of bag, weighing, filling, vacuum pumping, sealing in one, convenient and quick.
4, assembly production lines: when more and more function need, all functions in a single machine will make the structure becomes very complex, inconvenient repair operation. Then the function, efficiency of different matching of several machine combination can successfully complete production lines, packaging process to complete more complex.

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